Terms Of Service

Much thanks to you for your interest in LeadZen.ai. These Terms of Service are a legitimately official understanding between LeadZen.ai. and between you and establish legitimate reason for your entrance and utilization of LeadZen.ai’s restrictive online programming which helps organizations to discover business profiles through admittance to data with respect to business experts and organizations (the “Information”) held in LeadZen.ai’s data set, available on a Software as a Service premise, including using an API, incorporated application, program augmentation, downloadable programming or LeadZen.ai’s site. The Solution, the LeadZen.ai site (https://leadzen.ai/) (“Site”), and any component, usefulness, information and content in that will be in this alluded to as the “Administrations”.

If it’s not too much trouble, read the Terms cautiously prior to introducing or utilizing our Services. By getting to, utilizing, downloading or introducing our Services you recognize that you have read these Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy which is consolidated thus by reference, as might be changed every once in a while (on the whole “the Terms”). These Terms will administer all sort of utilization and highlights offered by means of the Services as may open up from to time to time. Your consent to be limited by these Terms and to completely follow them. In the event that you don’t consent to any of the Terms you ought to promptly quit utilizing the Services. For this situation, you may not download, duplicate, get to or introduce the Solution or utilize any of our Services in any way at all.

Creating An Account.

To completely utilize the Services, you should enrol and make an account. Making your account should be possible by giving specific details (for example complete name; email address; and so on) through the Site. You consent to keep your credentials secret and secure. You likewise consent to inform us quickly of any unauthorized utilization of your account. By accepting the Terms, you announce that you are liable for all exercises considered. When you make a record, you will naturally join our mailing list. You can decide to eliminate your email address from that mailing list by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the lower part of any email correspondence we ship off you. We may drop your admittance to the Services and end your record, at our sole thought, whenever and under any circumstance, with or without notice to you. Upon any end, suspension or undoing of Services or your record, all arrangements of these Terms which by their inclination ought to endure will endure, including, without constraint, licenses and proprietorship arrangements, guarantee disclaimers, limits of obligation, reimbursement, and dispute resolution provisions.

Use Of Website

Except if as in any case gave in the Specific Terms and whatever other arrangement that you may go into with LeadZen.ai and subject to your acknowledgment of these Terms we award you a restricted, revocable, individual, non-selective, non-adaptable, non-sub licensable permit to access and utilize the site and recover information from the site as and when you require. To profit any administrations on the Website, you might be utilizing or approach certain Third-Party Information. The expression “Third-Party Information”, with the end goal of these Terms and administrations gave on the site, will mean and incorporate any data gathered from assortment of openly available sources as well as by an outsider data source which might be freely open by LeadZen.ai, opposite administrations gave on the site, with no immediate association with the subject whose information LeadZen.ai gathers while playing out its administrations. LeadZen.ai, while offering its types of assistance on the site, will not be answerable for your admittance to or your utilization of such Third-Party data besides as in any case gave in the Specific Terms. You thus have a consent that LeadZen.ai will not be considered capable, responsible or responsible in any way or to any degree at all, for your inability to perform commitments under this provision. You will not utilize the site and some other substance in that for any unlawful reason.

LeadZen.Ai API

Clients may get to Services by means of an API (Application Program Interface). Any utilization of the API, including utilization of the API through an outsider item that gets to LeadZen.ai, is limited by these Terms of Service notwithstanding the accompanying explicit terms:

⚈ Harm and obligation. You explicitly comprehend and concur that LeadZen.ai will not be obligated for any immediate, indirect, coincidental, unique, considerable or praiseworthy harms, including however not restricted to, harms for loss of benefits, unselfishness, use, information or other immaterial misfortunes (regardless of whether LeadZen.ai has been educated concerning the chance of such harms), coming about because of your utilization of the API, or the activities of clients that entrance information from the API through third-party.

⚈ Rate restricting. Misuse or unnecessarily regular solicitations to LeadZen.ai through the API may bring about the transitory or lasting suspension of your record’s admittance to the API. LeadZen.ai, in its sole prudence, will decide misuse or inordinate use of the API. LeadZen.ai will make a sensible endeavour by means of email to caution the record proprietor before suspension.

⚈ Designer and End User Use. You may not utilize LeadZen.ai for any unlawful or unapproved reason. You should not, in the utilization of the assistance, disregard any laws in your views (counting however not restricted to copyright, spam, or brand name laws) or in any purview where such use is administered.

⚈ Suspension. LeadZen.ai holds the right whenever to alter or stop, briefly or for all time, your admittance to the API (or any part thereof). To the degree permitted under law, these progressions might be viable upon notice given to you.


Certain features of the website shall require you to pay a fee in order to use them. The fee payable by you varies depending on the service you choose to avail on the website. LeadZen.ai shall separately provide you with details, including but not limited to payment terms, of each service you choose to avail on the website. It shall be your responsibility to view and assess details for each such service before proceeding to avail the same on the website and the applicable fee payable by you will be as per the agreement that you enter into with LeadZen.ai in relation to the same. LeadZen.ai reserves the right to make any changes in the pricing from time to time.

⚈ Refunds: Unless in any case indicated in these Terms or a Form or a Service Plan, all Subscription Charges are non-refundable. No discounts will be given for fractional use or non-utilization of the Service(s) by You.

⚈ Late Payments/Non-payment of Subscription Charges: We will tell you in the event that We don’t get payment towards the Subscription Charges inside the due date for Your Account. For payments made through Visas, we should get payments due inside a limit of five (5) days from the date of Our notification and for payments through other acknowledged strategies, we should get payments inside a limit of fifteen (15) days from the date of Our notification. In the event that We don’t get payment inside the previous time span, notwithstanding Our right to different cures accessible under law, we may suspend Your admittance to and utilization of the Service(s) until We accept Your payment towards the Subscription Charges as determined thus and additionally; end Your Account.

⚈Taxes: Unless in any case expressed, the Subscription Charges do exclude any expenses, tolls, obligations or comparative administrative appraisals, including value – added, deals, use or retaining charges assessable by any local, state, common or unfamiliar locale (aggregately “Duties”). You are answerable for paying the Taxes that would be imposed against You by government authorities. We will receipt you for such Taxes on the off chance that We trust We have a legitimate commitment to do as such and You consent to make good on such Taxes assuming this is the case invoiced.

Suspension And Termination

We will not be obligated to You or some other outsider for suspension or end of Your Account or admittance to and utilize the Service(s), if such suspension or end is as per these Terms.

Suspension and Termination by Us: In accordance to suspension for late payment or non-payment of Subscription Charges, we may suspend Your admittance to and utilization of Your Account or the Service(s) in the event that You are disregarding the Terms. We will tell You of Your exercises that disregard these Terms and, at Our sole prudence, give You a time of fifteen (15) days to fix or stop such actions. On the off chance that You don’t fix or stop such actions inside the said Period of 15 days or in the event that We accept that Your break of these Terms can’t be restored, Your Account will be ended.

User’s Account

The LeadZen.ai User’s Account (hereafter alluded to as “Account”) might be set up by LeadZen.ai on User’s solicitation or by the User himself/herself through the “Join”. The admittance to the Account is given based on your Username and Password.

Sending limits inside one User’s Account: LeadZen.ai permits the User to send “Opening Emails” which are the messages beginning a discussion with a Prospect, just as “Subsequent meet-ups” which are update messages shipped off Prospects in the event that they didn’t answer to the Opening Email. There is no limit for messages sent a day from a solitary LeadZen.ai account. Notwithstanding, the User should check the limits points set by their email account supplier and ensure they won’t surpass that day by day limits of sent messages (counting the quantity of Opening Messages just as Follow-ups). The User’s area notoriety is in question here, as while sending the messages, LeadZen.ai utilizes the worker of the arranged email account, and not an outside worker.

More than one email account incorporated with a solitary LeadZen.ai Account: Within one Account, the User can coordinate different email accounts from which the messages will be sent. Everything relies on the membership plan you have picked.

Intellectual Rights

As between LeadZen.ai and you, LeadZen.ai or its licensors own and hold all rights, title and interest in and to the Services and all equipment, programming (including the Software) and different things used to offer the Types of assistance, other than the rights unequivocally conceded to you to utilize the Services as per these Terms. No title to or responsibility for exclusive rights identified with the Services is moved to you according to these Terms. All rights not unequivocally conceded to you are saved by LeadZen.ai. If you give remarks, ideas and suggestions to LeadZen.ai regarding the Services (including, without restriction, concerning alterations, upgrades, enhancements and different changes to the Services) (on the whole, ” Feedback “), You thus award to LeadZen.ai an around the world, eminence free, unavoidable, ceaseless permit to utilize any Feedback regarding the Services.


Each party may approach certain non-public exclusive, private data or information of the other party, paying little mind to the way in which it is outfitted, which given the entirety of the conditions, a sensible individual or substance ought to have motivation to accept is restrictive, classified, or seriously touchy (together, the “Secret Information”). For explanation, the way that the parties went into this Agreement, and the substance of this Agreement, will be considered Confidential Information. Secret Information will reject any data that (I) is currently or thusly opens up in the public area through no flaw or break with respect to getting party; (ii) the getting gathering can exhibit in its records to have had legitimately in its ownership before exposure of the Confidential Information by the revealing party; (iii) getting party legitimately gets from a the right outsider to move or unveil it, without default or penetrate of this Agreement; or (iv) the getting gathering can show in its records to have freely evolved, without break of Agreement or any utilization of or reference to the Confidential Information. The getting party concurs: (a) not to unveil the uncovering gathering’s Confidential Information to any outsiders other than to its chiefs, officials, workers, guides or experts (on the whole, the “Delegates”) on a severe “need to know” premise just and given that such Representatives are limited by composed arrangements to follow secrecy commitments as defensive as those contained in this; (b) not to utilize or imitate any of the revealing party’s Confidential Information for any reasons but to do its privileges and obligations under the Agreement; and (c) to keep the unveiling gathering’s Confidential Information private utilizing essentially a similar level of care it uses to ensure its own secret data, which will in any occasion not be not exactly a healthy level of care. Despite the previous, if getting party is needed by lawful cycle or any relevant law, rule or guideline, to reveal any of unveiling gathering’s Confidential Information, then, at that point before such divulgence, getting information will give brief composed notification to uncovering party so it’s anything but a defensive request or other fitting alleviation.


But where in any case expressed, the Services are given as. While LeadZen.ai participates in a steady act of keeping up with and refreshing the LeadZen.ai Services, we don’t have authority over the creation, accessibility, or precision of outsider information included or looked to be incorporated as a result of the Services.

In particular, yet not only, LeadZen.ai doesn’t warrant that:
• the assistance will live up to your necessities or desires.
• the help will be continuous, convenient, secure, bug or blunder free.
• the computations performed by the help are precise.
• any mistakes or bugs in the help will be revised.


To the degree allowed by appropriate law, you will guard LeadZen.ai against any expense, misfortune, harm, or other responsibility (counting lawyers’ charges and expenses) emerging from any outsider interest or case that any Content given by you or your utilization of the Service in break of these Terms: (a) encroaches a patent, brand name, or copyright of an outsider, or abuses a proprietary innovation (to the degree that such misappropriation isn’t the aftereffect of LeadZen.ai’s activities); or (b) disregards relevant law or these Terms. LeadZen.ai will sensibly advise you of any such case or request that is dependent upon your reimbursement commitment.

Limitation Of Liability

LeadZen.ai shall not be liable to you for any loss of profit, creation, expected reserve funds, altruism or business openings or any kind of immediate or backhanded, accidental, financial, compensatory, reformatory, excellent or considerable misfortunes emerging out of execution or non-execution of its commitments under these terms. Anytime of time, LeadZen.ai’s obligation from any exchange did by you on the site, regardless of whether on a membership model or something else, will not surpass the charges paid by you to LeadZen.ai in the first multi month, or for that specific exchange, whichever is lower.


LeadZen.ai, in its sole watchfulness, may adjust, suspend, or end admittance to, or any segment of the administrations gave on its Website whenever under any condition including end for break of any of these Terms. On the off chance that you wish to end these Terms, you should promptly quit getting to or utilizing the site whenever and illuminate LeadZen.ai. The Clauses referenced in these Terms that by their inclination ought to endure end of your use of the site will stay essentially after such end.

Governing Law And Dispute Resolution

These terms will be administered by and deciphered and interpreted as per the laws of India. The spot of locale will only be in Mumbai, India. In case of any debate emerging out of these terms the equivalent will be settled by a limiting assertion directed by a sole mediator, selected mutually by the two players and represented by the Arbitration and Conciliation act, 1996.

Communications From Us

Apart from the correspondences indicated in Our Privacy Policy, we may reach you directly through email to tell you if a) You are infringing upon these Terms; b) A particular movement or object is precluded regarding the Service(s), so You quickly stop utilization of the Service(s) for such restricted action or reason

Special Utilization Of Your Organization Name

We reserve all authority to utilize your Company name as a kind of perspective for limited time purposes on the Website and in other correspondence with existing or potential LeadZen.ai.com clients. For example, we may list your organization on one of our site pages under arrangements of LeadZen.ai’s clients. In any case, we would prefer not to list clients who don’t wish to be recorded, so you may send an email to hi [at] LeadZen.ai expressing that you don’t wish to be utilized as a source of reference.

Changes To The Terms

LeadZen.ai reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or replace any part of this Agreement. It is your responsibility to check this Agreement periodically for changes. Your continued use of or access to the Services following the posting of any changes to this Agreement constitutes acceptance of those changes. LeadZen.ai may also, in the future, offer new services and/or features through the Services (including, the release of new tools and resources). Such new features and/or services shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement

Contact Us

If you have additional questions or concerns about these Terms or want to make any request or suggestions regarding certain personal information, please contact us at [email protected].