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You’re In Control Of Your Data

Be in charge. See what information has been gathered and deal with your own, business, or organization profile better. Update, address, or erase information about you. empowers the assurance and security of the individual data it gathers and cycles to guarantee that you are in charge of your data.
Notwithstanding your status as a Visitor, an End User, or a Contact, offers you the chance to confirm, update or eliminate your data, just as present some other security demand.

How we gather information: just cycles your information where it’s anything but a legal premise to do as such. This may incorporate assent (for example site guests who give their data), the exhibition of an agreement, consistency with a lawful commitment, or authentic interest.

If you are a Contact: Please note that’s calculations are intended to gather and sell just business contact data, equivalent to the data that can be found on your business card. To guarantee the security and assurance of your data, carries out complete protection practices and arrangements, keeping work on driving cycles, apparatuses, checks, equilibriums, respectability, and safety efforts set up.

Opting out of communications: If you no longer wish to receive our communications, you may opt-out of receiving notifications by clicking the “unsubscribe” button in the footer of the email. How does process your data?

Data Privacy

How Do We Keep Your Data Safe?

At, we focus on information security and we’re focused on ensuring your information consistently.

Security Framework has a broad protection and security system (“Security Framework”) to guarantee there is a suitable administration of digital frauds and information chances. It incorporates the execution of manpower management, actual product security, as well as resources and access to the board, cloud and network infrastructure security, outsider security, vulnerability management, security monitoring, occurrence reaction, and strategies and systems. keeps acknowledged industry guidelines to ensure the data submitted to us, both during transmission and once got. encrypts information while moving reliable with industry norms at least 256-bit encryption.

Innovation guarantees that its security foundation is reliable with driving industry norms for virus assurance, firewalls, and interruption avoidance advances to forestall any unapproved access or compromise of’s organization, frameworks, workers, and applications from unapproved access. executes and keeps up with different strategies and techniques for overseeing changes to creation frameworks, applications, and data sets, including without restriction, measures for reporting testing and endorsement of changes into creation, security fixing, and confirmation. carries out and keeps a danger evaluation program to constantly assist with recognizing predictable interior and outside dangers to its data assets and decide whether existing controls, arrangements, and methodology are sufficient or should be refreshed.

How Does LeadZen.Ai Process Your Data?

Data Types In Our Database gathers business contact data and other information related to business experts (“business profile data”) to improve the unregulated economy and help our clients to accomplish more deals with the least time and exertion.
The business profile data comprises expert data that is like what you’d find on business cards, organization sites, or email marks.’s data set comprises most of such business profile data. gathers its information from different sources of data. doesn’t have a functioning relationship with information subjects since a portion of’s dataset is now in the public space. In specific cases, nonetheless, likewise gathers individual information from information subjects through different techniques (for example, email signature blocks).

The assortment of individual information from different datasets brings about a converging of such datasets implying that may deal with a more extensive arrangement of information. is making a move to eliminate any data past the extent of business profile data.

What Is The Lawful Reason For This?


Since contact information isn’t gathered from business experts directly,’s handling exercises are not founded on their assent, however on the genuine interest of both and its business clients, among other lawful bases as material relying upon the unique situation.
The preparing activities of’s administrations depend on two use cases for clients: a. Business Intelligence (for Sales, advertising, and enrollment purposes) assists associations with driving income by furnishing clients with exact and forward-thinking business contact data. permits clients to contact future clients effortlessly, wiping out the grating in the business, promoting, and enlistment measures – assisting clients with changing over more possibilities into clients in a small amount of the time.
b. Extortion avoidance is intended to engage clients to battle extortion by empowering them to confirm and validate the relationship between a person’s externalized ascribes and the genuine information supporting these qualities.

Legitimate Interest

Many progressed security systems guarantee that personal information should be acquired and prepared legally and reasonably. Individual information ought to be gathered and handled dependent on an authentic reason, in the wake of adjusting the interests of the association against the interests and privileges of the person whose information is prepared. a. Nature of the information
The data gathered by is extremely restricted. It doesn’t contain any extraordinary classifications of individual information and isn’t identified with kids. b. Sensible assumptions for Contacts
Although the Business Contacts that we give our clients admittance to can be found on business social stages or over the span of ordinary business correspondence, we don’t gather information straightforwardly from Contacts. Subsequently, they may not realize that their information is in our Database. In the event that got the information from an outsider, sends a notification to Business Contacts and permits them to practice any rights they may have, including the option to quit’s Database.
As an update, you may practice your privileges corresponding to your information in our Privacy Form.
Where needs more information to educate Contacts, erases their leftover information after a specific period, compliant with our Data Retention Policy.
c. Preparing proportionate to the reason follows information minimization standards and just gathers information that are rigorously important to accomplish its motivations. has measures set up to restrict the information prepared to business contact data which is proficient in nature. Through our Privacy Form, Contacts can guarantee power over their information. As referenced above, advises Business Contacts of the alternative to eliminate their data from’s Database, which, thus, guarantees that measures information on a case by case basis, following a proportionality evaluation.

We Process Contact Data With Safeguards And Compensating Controls

Data accuracy through two-source authentication − This assists in ensuring that only provides accurate and up-to-date information, which serves the purposes that set out to achieve and benefits’s business users.
B2B Use only – onboarding procedure − only allows users with a verified business email address to sign up to use its services (registration with free email services, such as Gmail, is not allowed). Compliance reviews − implements methods and processes to remove customers that act as data brokers and/or do not comply with the Terms of Service. Security of the data − does not allow for a “free” search of its database without registration (i.e. it does not allow users to search for and obtain a list of email addresses of all individuals who work at a certain company). Data minimization – is continuously working to limit its collection and processing of personal data to only include what is necessary to provide its Services. Transparency – To increase transparency, by the end of 2021, will have contacted all Contacts located in the European Economic Area whose Data is processed by to:
(i) inform them that processes their Data;
(ii) provide the data subject with relevant and meaningful information, and
(iii) inform Contacts that they have the option to opt-out. Where notifying a Contact is not possible, their Data will be deleted after a certain period, according to our Data Retention Policy. Privacy rights – Contacts can reach out to and exercise their rights through our Privacy Form.
Through different sources of data, (including openly accessible data and data authorized by outsiders), gathers business contact data and other information related to business experts (“business profiles”) to upgrade the unregulated economy and help its clients to accomplish more deals with least time and endeavors.
Business profiles, shaped pieces of the administrations that gives, incorporate your expert data. The data is like what’s by and large found on business cards, on organization sites, or email marks.’s data set comprises predominantly of such business profile data. shares Business Profiles in the accompanying manners:

⚈ With customers and users (business profiles only). shares business profiles from its database with customers and users for purposes of direct marketing, sales (prospecting), recruitment, and fraud prevention.

⚈ With subsidiaries and affiliates. may share your information with companies within’s corporate family to provide the service to its customers and users.

⚈ With service providers and vendors to provide the service and improve it.
Such third parties include
(i) hosting services;
(ii) data analytics vendors;
(iii) payment processors; (iv) security vendors; and
(iv) website hosting vendors.

⚈ With professional advisors.
As necessary, may share your information with professional advisors functioning like service providers such as auditors, law firms, or accounting firms.

⚈ In connection with an asset sale, merger, bankruptcy, or other business transaction. may share your personal information while negotiating or concerning a change of corporate control such as a restructuring, merger, or sale of’s assets. In specific conditions, may share and reveal business profile data if it puts stock in compliance with common decency that such divulgence is vital or expected:
(I) to consent to a law, guideline, administrative or protections trade necessity, court request, legal procedure, or legitimate interaction, for example, a summon or court order;
(ii) to address an infringement of the law;
(iii) to explore misrepresentation or crime, and to ensure’s privileges or those of its members, sellers, and clients, or as a component of official actions influencing or may influence or its offshoots, merchants or clients; and
(iv) to permit to practice its lawful rights or react to a lawful case. won’t reveal your data to any outsider besides in the accompanying genuine cases: regarding a bonafide legitimate question to which such data is pertinent, in light of a substantial or obligatory lawful interaction, or as in any case legally necessary. will, at whatever point conceivable, get classification arrangements from any subject to whom your data is uncovered and guarantee any beneficiaries are focused on utilizing proper innovative safety efforts. You reserve the option to quit divulgence or admittance to your business profile data, by filling out the privacy form.

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To see how we gather and utilize your information while conveying our administrations, you can peruse our Privacy Policy.

To Access your information we need to check your personality. will utilize the data you give beneath exclusively to the motivation behind taking care of your protection demand.








You can mail the above information to [email protected]. The data you give in this is prepared by for our authentic interest to empower our clients and people in our data set to control their information as well as, as appropriate contingent upon the country you have given above, to conform to laws giving explicit security/information insurance rights to people.

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Thank you for choosing to update your profile! Your information protection and security are essential to us. To see how we gather and utilize your information while conveying our administrations, you can peruse our Privacy Policy. will utilize your subtleties to assist us with distinguishing your data to satisfy your solicitation. will utilize the data you give beneath exclusively to the reason for dealing with your security demand.

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