How Can You Automate Your Hiring Process?

How Can You Automate Your Hiring Process

How Can You Automate Your Hiring Process?

How Can You Automate Your Hiring Process

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SHRM, a leading professional human resources membership association, has recently revealed an important detail concerning hiring processes. 

One of its reports revealed that around 69% of HR professionals had reported a decrease in the time spent in the hiring process because they use automation to streamline the process.

But why is this number so important? 

What does it imply? 

It implies that automation continues to be a major helping hand in managing and operating businesses. 

Evidently, it becomes clear that automation has become a significant part of our business function today. Moreover, it will continue to play an even more significant role in the hiring process. While it may seem counterintuitive to integrate automation in different hiring stages, there are multiple benefits to doing so.

Let’s explore this as we proceed with the topic!


Why should you go for automation?

When we talk about the benefits of automation for the hiring process, it’s not easy to point to any one benefit. However, automation brings a lot of ease in terms of streamlined processes and the overall experience for both recruiters and candidates.

Here are some ways automation can transform your hiring process for the better! 


#1 Better productivity 

The first and most significant advantage of automating any process or system is better and increased productivity. It helps to make better and faster decisions by eliminating a lot of hassle. 

And so, bringing a touch of automation in processes such as manual resume and candidate screening helps you focus more on areas that need your attention. 


#2 Improved candidate experience 

It would not come as a surprise that automating the hiring process is not just for the recruiters’ benefit but also for the candidates. As you automate specific processes in the recruitment system, the candidate gets a streamlined process, leading to faster responses as they do not have to wait longer. 

Apart from this, you are more likely to get a better rating as a lot of time, candidates rate their recruitment experience after the application process ends. Hence, automating hiring processes to improve candidate experience can also serve as an indirect benefit. 


#3 Reduced time allotment for hiring

An organization loses its profitability and productivity each time an open role goes vacant. However, you can quickly reduce the overall time it takes to hire by automating specific processes in the system, such as screening, nurturing, and interviewing. 


How to bring automation into the hiring process? 

Now that we know why you must consider automating your hiring process let us look at some of the best methods you can adopt. 


#1 Applicant tracking system 

It is one of the most commonly used automation technologies in the recruitment industry. An applicant tracking system helps you collect and track the hiring process in a database right from when a candidate applies for an open role. The tracking process continues throughout the recruitment process so that you and your hiring team can easily access this data and recognize the stage the candidate is in. 

This type of automation technology is most suitable in cases where the pool of applicants is significant and there is a dire need to keep things organized. This software also provides multiple functionalities, such as a career site editor, sourcing extension, and video interviewing, to help you streamline the entire process from scratch. 


#2 Social media platforms

An estimate has recently revealed that around 98% of recruiters usually use LinkedIn to post vacancies and look for ideal candidates. It is because they know that their ideal candidates are already active on social media, especially on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Twitter. 

So when you know where your ideal candidates usually hang out, why not try reaching them? 

If this method sounds good, you can prefer automating your hiring social media posts and launching recruitment campaigns to reach your potential candidates. Social recruiting platforms such as HireRabbit and Hootsuite are some of the popular options you can use to streamline your publishing process. 


#3 Pre-screening tools

Wouldn’t it be great if you could automate the candidate ranking and grading process to eliminate the hassle it involves?

Well, candidate pre-screening tools can help you precisely with these tasks. 

For instance, intelligent resume screeners are built to evaluate candidates’ experience, skills, and characteristics based on their documents. They also use this information to identify the most qualified and capable person. 

Additionally, you can also use a virtual recruitment assistant and built-in chatbot to get basic information about candidates and identify whether they are suitable for a given role. It helps you cut off the extra time and effort required to connect with a pool of potential employees. 


#4 Lead generation software 

Yes, you heard that right. Apart from the options discussed above, you can also use lead generation tools like to amplify and streamline your hiring process. 

And how exactly does it happen? is a next-generation prospecting tool for talent acquisition to access the best talent across your industry to get the right fit for your team. Here are some use cases you can use this tool for –

  • Get real-time contacts of the candidates looking for a job
  • List of alums for a specific college or university
  • Latest contact details of recent graduates from top universities 
  • In-depth information on industry professionals
  • Conduct specific searches to arrange parameters including designation, interests, industry, and work experience 


Final Words

Automating your hiring process can completely turn the tables and transform your usual recruitment process. The nitty-gritty of each step involved in the hiring process gets much easier and more convenient for everyone involved, be it your team or the candidates applying for vacant positions. 

And so, if you want to bring this ease to your talent acquisition system, can be your helping hand in the entire process. It will get you direct access to the latest verified contact information of leading industry experts to get the right fit for your team!

Wanna know how?

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