What are Lead Magnets and How do they Help a Brand Leverage Its Marketing?

What are Lead Magnets and How do they Help a Brand Leverage Its Marketing?

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Lead magnets are the reason lead generation is alive today. Without lead magnets, there would be no leads and ultimately, no sales. 

So, what are lead magnets?

Well, according to Investopedia:

A lead magnet is a marketing term for a free item or service that is given away for the purpose of gathering contact details. 

Lead magnets are diverse, for example, lead magnets can be trial subscriptions, samples, white papers, e-newsletters, and free consultations. They are unique in their own sense. They are powerful and play an integral part in running the process of lead generation. 

Top examples of Lead Magnets are mentioned below. Have a look:


1. Blogs: Helping Businesses Market Themselves and Their Products/Services Online

Today, there are hundreds of blogs available on the Internet. Have you thought about why are people writing so many blogs and what for? Well, blogs are known to be a top lead attraction and conversion mechanism. With high-quality blogs with proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) integration, genuine leads are attracted to the business. These are often beneficial for the brand and prove to stay in the long run once interested. 

In the digital age, blogs are written across various verticals. The most popular amongst these are often those on business, finance, entrepreneurship, blockchain, cryptocurrency as well as lead generation


2. Guides: A Way to Increase Customer’s Knowledge and Build a Better B2C Database

Guides are a powerhouse of knowledge. These are often written in detail and contain minute details on a particular topic. These are lengthier than blogs. Guides are great lead magnets because they only bring to you those leads who are serious about what your business does and how it works. These are a good way of attracting leads who convert into high-paying clients very soon. 

Guides are available on the Internet as well as in the physical form at pop-ups, in stores or at other suitable locations. These online, as well as offline guides, help leverage a business whether you are starting it right from scratch or are midway through your business. Guides are serious business and that is exactly why it is a complex lead magnet as compared to others.


3. Audio-Visual Content: Sell While you Entertain Because That’s How Marketing Works in the New Age

Everyone enjoys watching videos, either short or long. Audio-visual content is found to be entertaining and educational at the same time. What most businesses aren’t aware of is that this is a mode of attracting leads and acts as a magnet in the process of lead generation. Selling the pitch right via audio-visual content is what will help your business. This is a popular form of marketing products or services which will be soon available at the audience’s discretion. 

Fun fact:

When a visual is supported by audio, people don’t care about how long it is or how short it is. What they think of is – ‘Is this beneficial for me or not?’ 

Your leads will come to you if you create the right kind of content for your business. On the other hand, if content creation is haphazard and lacks a structure, it will not act as a lead magnet. At Leadzen.ai, we save your efforts and assist you at each step in the process of lead generation to ensure success. 


4. Infographics: Loaded with Information, A Key to Selling Better

Hoardings, billboards, social media ads and more such spaces are filled with infographics. Usually, the masses don’t realize that they are looking at an infographic when they look at it in the first place. They mostly view it as an advertisement or something which is insignificant to their existence. But those who notice the value in it are deeply intrigued by it and would want to gain value out of it. Such people are called business leads in our terms.

Infographics have a track record of conversion and so, these hold value for businesses even today. They are a great marketing strategy. They help increase sales and leverage marketing in a true sense. 


5. Discounts: ‘Sale’ to Sell

Who doesn’t like an attractive discount while they are shopping for a new dress, phone or a product that has recently launched? Discounts are probably one of the best ways of attracting leads towards your business. In the past, the concept of ‘Sale’ was not known to people. However, in the 21st century, even kids are aware about a sale and discounts are their favourite. 

End-of-the-season sale offers have also become popular amongst the masses across the world. Discounts are awaited by many people in order to shop at a lower rate. In India, discounts are a concept especially used for attracting audience/leads to the shopping malls or by high-end brands. Sales observed after offering discounts (which is a lead magnet here) are on a higher-end and that’s what matters in the end. ‘

What matters is to sell, doesn’t it?’


Summing Up Lead Magnets, Attracting Leads And The Relevance:

Over the years, various lead magnets came into being. Some stayed, some didn’t. The lesson is that lead magnets will come and go but you must learn what works the best for your brand and imbibe it accordingly. Lead magnets ultimately are meant for attracting the best of leads and leveraging the revenue and business growth sooner rather than later. Attract the best leads to reap the best results of a business. And with tools like Leadzen.ai, the most intelligent lead prospecting engine, you can find genuine and verified leads which will help your business grow and progress further.

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