What Are The 5 Things To Avoid In Lead Generation?

What Are The 5 Things To Avoid In Lead Generation?

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Lead generation is critical for B2B companies. It can drive high-quality traffic to a website and generate leads that convert into paying customers. Your ultimate goal should be to have a steady flow of qualified leads coming your way. Most of you are already aware of the importance of lead generation and acquiring the right B2B databases is likely doing something to attract leads. But, are you making any mistakes?


Unfortunately, lead generation is a difficult process regardless of the industry. The abundance of online competition, which is constantly increasing, complicates the process of identifying, tracking, and engaging with potential clients. Most businesses around the world consider this marketing practice to be a major source of pain. In fact, according to Denave, over 53% of marketers spend more than 50% of their budgets on lead generation, budget allocation for anything that can bring more conversion-worthy leads is increasing. 


You may be making these mistakes if you are simply not generating enough leads, and maybe sales optimization is off, or if the leads you are generating are consistently not a good fit for your company. In the rush to leverage online mediums and expand outreach channels, there are some rookie mistakes that big and small brands alike make when it comes to producing high-quality leads.

With proper B2B databases and lead generation strategies, one can more effectively overcome challenges, and reap solid conversions. In this article, we will talk about 5 things to avoid in lead generation.


1. Inadequate Brand Credibility 

Trust is essential for B2B buyers. If the image of your brand isn’t credible and trustworthy, anything you do is going to be futile. As a result, B2B companies must strike a balance between lead generation and brand credibility actions. 

Otherwise, your sales tactics or lack of brand presence may turn off and drive away leads. It could be any company; if it is unknown in the market and has a limited track record, it will almost certainly struggle to grow.

So go ahead and put those reviews on your site. A written or video testimonial will take you a long way in your organization building a credible brand image. Because no buyer wants to be the first to invest in a product, they usually wait for some credibility before making a purchase.


2. Not Identifying And Knowing Your Audience 

Spending so much of your time and money marketing to the wrong group of potential buyers is a terrible waste of your time. Determine the buyer personas who are likely to respond positively to your marketing initiatives. 

Some potential buyers appear promising at first because they will respond to how you engage them. After spending so much time expounding on your product, they will easily dismiss your proposal because they are not the audience you should be pitching to.

Make use of the geolocator tool from Leadzen.ai for locating relevant, comprehensive, and verified B2B databases for a specific audience. Simply use our site’s polygon tool to select the area of your target.

Demographics, purchasing behaviour, and average salaries are examples of common B2B databases that you would have access to. All of this data can then be used to tailor the customer experience and know your target audience in detail.


3. No Generic Landing Page

Landing pages provide concise information about a specific topic and encourage a specific action. They are still an important part of lead generation. When done correctly, they are intended to provide the right information, offer something valuable, and collect information. 

We all know the importance of first impressions, don’t we? This is exactly what you require for lead generation. You could run a lead generation social media campaign, but if clicking the ad takes the user to your general website, you’ll most likely lose them.

Invest time and money to make a landing page if you don’t already have one. Then, continue reading for more common errors, some of which may be present on your landing page. Instead, you should create a dedicated landing page to help you attract new leads. Include some interesting copy, a strong CTA, a well-optimized form, and an enticing offer.


4. Error 404: Poor CTA


At this point, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of a good and compelling CTA. An elegantly written CTA instructs clients on what action they should take next, such as downloading an eBook or filling out a sign-up form. Thus it is safe to say that, a good-written CTA is a total gamechanger. 

To be very honest, if visitors have to navigate the web to contact you, you’ve already lost them as clients. You are not the only organization vying for the attention of a potential lead; many others are as well. As a result, along with your content, such as blog posts, paid advertising, newsletters, and landing pages, you must include an appealing CTA. 


5. Ineffective Lead Magnets

A lead magnet should entice your audience to provide you with their contact information in exchange for it. Remember that the average office worker receives more than around 100 emails per day. For that reason alone, they will not give out their email address for any reason.

A webinar is an excellent lead magnet. Why? Because it is a clear one-of-a-kind offer that a visitor will not find elsewhere. Furthermore, many webinars conclude with some type of special offer, which provides an additional incentive to participate.

A qualified lead will gladly give their information in exchange for something truly beneficial to them and their business. If you’ve created a lead magnet but only a few leads are interested, you should probably create or offer something else.



As discussed above lead generation is far too important in B2B industries. Unfortunately, there are numerous challenges in this area, but businesses can meet them head-on by implementing the best practices outlined above. 

With these strategies mentioned above, you’ll see an increase in the number of high-quality leads and reap the benefits of high conversion rates. Whether you need to improve your segmentation, sales optimization, or simply start some lead nurturing, the aid of advanced ai tools like Leadzen.ai will vastly improve your B2B lead generation, and thus your business in general.

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