B2B Cold Calling: Is it Still Alive?

B2B Cold Calling: Is it Still Alive?

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In the first instance, when you think of b2b cold calling, you consider it to be a dead practice. 


Probably, because there are several misconceptions around cold calls. You often hear B2B cold calling will never make a revival. On the contrary, it is prominent even today. 

It’s pretty much alive and definitely, not dead. 

In fact, B2B cold calling is more dominant today as compared to B2C cold calling in the field of lead generation and ultimately, in business. 

Before moving on, let’s understand what cold calling is. 


What is Cold Calling?

We have often heard the term ‘Telemarketing’ in our day-to-day lives yet are unaware of what it means in the truest sense. We can consider that cold calling is somewhat similar to telemarketing. 

Cold Calling is mainly a technique devised to contact prospects in order to sell a product or service. 

Whereas, B2B cold calling is mainly done across two or more businesses and prospects in the relevant field are dealt with. 


Dos and Don’ts of B2B Cold Calling: 

We, at Leadzen.ai, have created a list of the top dos and don’ts to stand apart from the crowd in B2B cold calling.

Let’s have a look at the don’ts first. 


The Don’ts of B2B Cold Calling:

1. Don’t Be Outrightly Salesy:

Being overly salesy during a call is a big no-no. Selling is an art that cannot be accomplished by just being salesy over cold calls with prospects. It is a typical method that has terribly failed in the past. 

Don’ts of B2B Cold Calling:

2. Don’t Forget To Lend A Listening Ear: 

Listen to what your prospective client has to say. Don’t forget to listen. Listening holds value in the long run. If you listen well, you can sell well, which is thus believed by many experts in the world of business. 


3. Don’t Forget To Focus On Your Goals: 

Set goals for each B2B call just like you set goals in other business-related matters. Your goals define the overall call and those can either make it or break it. Be focused and don’t let your prospect down by ill-defined goals or the relevant. 


4. Avoid Talking Too Much: 

Immediately stop blabbering. Don’t talk too much. It leaves a bad impression on your prospect if you’re the only one who’s speaking all the time. Talking too much may also cause the prospect to lose interest in the proposal and they might not want to proceed further.


5. Be Prepared For the Call: 

Especially in B2B sales calls, know your prospect. Research as much as you can. Being prepared for the call is very important in cold calling. Understand your topic of discussion in-depth in order to increase your chances of converting a client. 

Communication is the key. Cold calls work out the best when you know what to speak and when mainly if you know how to communicate effectively. 

Now that you are aware of the don’ts during the B2B cold calls. Here are a few dos while placing B2B sales/cold calls. 


The Dos of B2B Cold Calling: 

Don'ts of B2B Cold Calling:

1. More Calls Means Talking to More Prospects 

Increasing the number of outbound calls (cold calls only) to at least 50 + per day is vital in order to seal a deal quicker.


2. Fixing Timings Suitable to Prospects For Cold Calls In Order to Achieve a Higher Conversion Rate 

Fix suitable timings for your calls. Suitable here refers to timings that are favourable for prospects or potential clients.


3. Keep Things Brief 

Keep it crisp, concise and brief. Don’t go overboard. Overcomplicating things leads to confusion and a mess. So, keeping things brief is the best option available.


4. Understanding your Prospect

Understand your prospects and know them just like you know your closest friend. It is essential in order to sell better in the long run. To get started, you can use Leadzen.ai.

It delivers all sorts of information you’ll need on a prospect to get you started, right from their contact names to contact information. This will help you in building your database. We make it easier by bringing everything in one place. 

This leverages the cold calls made for business and increases the chance of convertibility of potential leads, which will prove to be beneficial in the long run.


B2B Cold Calling: Important Short Tips 

What matters the most in B2B cold calling is whether you care for your prospect and their business or not. The underlying problem most often is not being able to understand why one is placing a cold call and with what intent one should be careful of beforehand. B2B cold calling will work out for you only if you do it the right way.


The Success of B2B Cold Calling

Have you ever wondered why B2B cold calling is most often successful? 

B2B cold calling is well-known for its conversion of business leads into high paying clients and mainly, increasing sales for a business or a brand. 

Various important factors for cold calling in the B2B sector include setting aside the fear of rejection, taking control of the sales call, acting as a lead magnet to take control of the conversation and more. 

In fact, cold calling is becoming popular yet again amongst brands and businesses, big and small. It re-instils belief and faith that cold calling is not dead, especially in the B2B sector.

B2B cold calling is successful because of the right tactics being employed and some of the most intelligent lead generation tools driven by data. 

And so, the next time someone tells you cold calling is dead, you know what to answer them and why. It has left a mark in the industry and it must be regarded with the utmost respect in the field of lead generation. Cold calling is a boon in disguise which must be used mindfully. 

To learn more about lead generation, stay tuned to Leadzen.ai, India’s most intelligent lead prospecting engine. 

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