How To Find Someone’s Email Address


How To Find Someone’s Email Address


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Have trouble finding an email address?

Whether it’s for sending a message or a marketing email. Finding a person’s email address can be a difficult chore, especially if you need it urgently. When you keep failing to find the email addresses of influencers, top experts, or a list of possible clients, it might get irritating.

Have you ever questioned why you’re having so much trouble? There are two probable causes for your inability to locate the contact information:

  1. You’re on the wrong track.
  2. Your target has done their study and purposefully made their email addresses difficult to uncover for reasons only they know about.

However, the good news is that such contact information is frequently buried in plain sight. We just need to delve deeper on a regular basis. It’s feasible to locate information for almost anyone with the correct email finding tools and approaches.


Why Is It Important to Find an Email Address?

Only 8.5% of outreach emails get a response, according to research. So, if you’re sending an email, make sure it goes to the right person because it increases the chances of conversion. Since hyper-targeting is important, it’s well worth the time and effort to find someone’s email address.

Let’s go find the individuals you’ve been looking for!


1. Hang on to Google

Hang on to Google

The first step should be to conduct a Google search. The majority of us use Google to find solutions to practically all of our questions. This includes contact information for individuals.

Google collects user data from a variety of sources, including web pages, social networking sites, publicly accessible databases, and user-submitted data. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re only two clicks away from receiving the results you want.

You may begin by putting your prospect’s name followed by “email address” and hoping for the best. However, if your prospect has a common name, things may become more challenging. Although there’s no assurance that you’ll see results right away, it’s worth a go. You may try to filter down the search results by utilising their company name or position to limit the results.

If this strategy fails, you can use various Google search operators to narrow down your search. The symbols [ ] and ” “ instruct Google to limit the results to precise matches. Simply enter them in and search:


  • [Full name] + email 
  • [Full name] + “email address”
  • [Full name] + “home town”  
  • [Full name] + company + email 
  • [Full name] + LinkedIn 
  • [Full name] + “contact” 


If you are aware where your prospect work, then you can try these:


  • + [Full name] + email
  • + [Full name] + contact
  • + firstname.lastname [at]
  • + firstnamelastname [at]
  • + firstname [at]
  • + firstname_lastname [at]
2. Scour Social Media Websites:

In today’s world, social media has become the most popular tool for gathering contact information. A whopping 4.55 billion people are active on social media platforms. That’s more than half of the world’s population using social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others to stay connected.

The common thread among social networking platforms is that they all require email addresses to log in and authenticate. Most websites allow users to choose whether or not to display their contact information, although only a handful of them prefer it to be public. You may take advantage of this and look up their contact details. Let’s look at how to locate an email address on several social media platforms:


  • LinkedIn 

LinkedIn has become the most sought social networking site to look for people’s contact information. Thanks to its unrivalled business mindset, strong B2B targeting and B2C networking. Being the most pre-eminent professional social networking site, it’s easily one of the best places to find someone’s email address. The fact that business contact information is much more readily available on LinkedIn than any other platform solidifies this further. 

To find someone’s email address you can simply go on a person’s profile and click on the “contact info” button. You’ll easily find the email address of most people this way.

sonkashi profile

If you want to look for email ids in bulk, then the easiest way to scrape multiple emails is utilizing an email finder tool. is one of the most reliable tools when it comes to scraping emails from LinkedIn profiles. The smart chrome extension enables an individual, salesperson, marketer or recruiter to access tons of email ids and phone numbers that are verified within a few minutes.

To use, download the plugin from the Chrome store and integrate it into your browser by hitting the “Add to Chrome” button. After this, just visit any LinkedIn profile, and will reveal any contact information available on that page. 


  • Facebook

When setting up a Facebook account, the user has to provide their email address. Now, this makes it a great platform to look for contact information.

To find an email address, head to your prospect’s Facebook profile, click “About” followed by “Contact and Basic Info.” If their information is set to viewable public then you’re in luck. If their email address is not visible to everyone, look for any other info that might help in other email address lookup methods. 

Facebook profile with ways to find someone's email address

While you’re still at it, you can also approach the person directly through Facebook Messenger. Just make sure that your approach is adding some value to the person’s life, as it will increase the chances of them giving you their email address. 


  • Twitter

Just like Facebook, you can look for an email address in your target’s bio. Although the word limit in Twitter often obstructs people from putting up much information. There are a few options you can try apart from this.

Firstly, if a business owner has put up their business website link then you can scour that and find the contact information. 

Secondly, you can run a quick WhoIs search in case you’re not able to find something on a business website.

Thirdly, you may use Twitter’s Advanced Search feature. This feature allows you to narrow down your search and pick just what you want from a Twitter account. Type in the Words you’re looking for on the Advanced Search Page, then scroll down to choose the Twitter Account you wish to search for the address.

Twitter advanced search to find someone's email address


Lastly, you can approach them in DM and request their contact details. Just make sure to be polite and concise in your approach.


3. Do a Who.Is Search:

If you’re searching for an email address of someone with a website(entrepreneur, freelancer, or a business owner) then is your lookup tool. It helps you by revealing who owns a particular website and possible ways of contacting them.

WHOIS data is used when registering a domain and is publicly available. Everyone with a website is required by law to share their details. This makes it a fantastic place to look up for email Id, however, it comes with two major drawbacks as well.

To begin with, there’s no assurance that the email address given will get you to your intended destination. If you’re working with individual marketers and bloggers, you could be successful. However, most major firms prefer to include contact details for their administrator or technical department.

In addition to that, most website and domain owners are willing to pay an extra fee to have their private contact info kept private. This again means that your efforts may not always bear fruits. 


4. Use an Email Finder Tool:

Using email finder tools is one of the easiest ways to search for an email address.

All you have to do is type in the name and the platform scours the internet for you, delivering the email ids. Using tools saves you a lot of time as they are faster than the conventional methods. 

However, they have a major drawback and that is they are not free. But the majority of them offer a freemium plan for you to determine the tool effectiveness. With that said, let’s check out some of the top-rated email finder tools for you to try:


  • is the most intelligent lead prospecting engine designed for today’s B2B salespersons, marketers, and recruiters. It comes with a chrome extension which you can use to scour contact information within seconds by integrating it into your browser. automatically scans profile pages to retrieve the necessary contact information (email address and phone number). Its speed and high level of accuracy are among its major strengths and will come in handy in slashing your prospecting time and converting your leads into clients. It also has a real-time feature that gives up-to-date information about companies getting funded or bought, which further enhances your prospecting journey. 


  • is a simple programme that obtains the email addresses linked with the websites you visit. It’s a popular email hunter among individual digital marketers and sales and marketing organisations. This email outreach plugin is fantastic for scanning the internet, even if it doesn’t search social media, such as LinkedIn.



Skrapp gathers and crafts email addresses from potential customers, making it simple for B2B enterprises to generate lists of email addresses in seconds. Skrapp works with websites, Sales Navigator, and LinkedIn pages and is available as a light chrome plugin.


  • Lusha

Today, Lusha is the best email lead generating software for B2B salespeople. It’s a Chrome extension with a plugin that works with LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Gmail. Lusha analyses profile pages automatically to find the essential contact information. Its main advantages are its quickness and high level of precision.


  • VoilaNorbert

This smart lead creation tool is a well-known marketing toolkit that includes an email finding and verification tool. It looks for business email addresses based on the information you provide: first name, last name, and domain. VoilaNobert verifies the legitimacy of each result by pinging the mail server.


5. Subscribe to Mailing List:

Subscribe to your prospect’s mailing list if their website or blog has one, as many newsletters are issued from personal email addresses. This is a simple and quick method of obtaining the email address you want.

Try replying to one of the newsletters to express an opinion or ask an intelligent question, even if it’s sent from a generic info@ address, and you may receive a response.

This will aid in the development of a relationship with the prospect and increase your chances of obtaining their personal email addresses in the future.


Get Started On Email Hunting:

Sure, as people seek greater anonymity, finding an email address is getting increasingly difficult. However, now that we’ve shared how we discover someone’s email address, we think things have gotten a lot easier for you as well. 

Although, with great power comes great responsibility. So utilise these email finding methods wisely. Don’t Spam people or annoy them otherwise you’ll be losing a great opportunity to connect and build with people.

Which email address search strategies and technologies have proven to be the most productive in your business?

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