A Guide to Outbound Lead Generation

A Guide to Outbound Lead Generation

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In 2022, it would not be incorrect to mention that inbound lead generation is more effective as compared to outbound lead generation. However, it is necessary to also understand that outbound lead generation plays a vital role in B2B marketing today. 

Leadzen.ai brings to you a brief guide on outbound lead generation with its advantages, proven strategies, techniques and a lot more. It also discusses the processes involved in outbound lead generation as well as types of qualified leads.  

To begin with, 


What is Outbound Lead Generation?

As per Cognism, 

Outbound lead generation is a way to engage with potential customers who might not know about your product. It works via sales representatives sending out communications to potential leads.

The primary goal of outbound lead generation is to create awareness and generate interest regarding a product/service in order to build an effective sales funnel, contributing to outbound lead generation.


Who is an Outbound Lead? 

Outbound leads are usually present in B2B Marketing. These leads are people who have built interest in your product/service after you created awareness around the same. They have not bought anything yet and can be classified into two categories, namely:


  • Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)

As per Gartner Glossary,

A marketing-qualified lead (MQL) is a potential customer that has been reviewed by the marketing team and satisfies the criteria necessary to be passed along to the sales team.


  • Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)

As per Evenbound,

An SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) is a lead your sales team has qualified as a potential customer. SQLs are in your sales funnel, and your team is actively working to move them closer to a deal.

A company’s in-grown sales and marketing teams are responsible for outbound lead generation. Targeted outbound lead generation is on a rise today and there’s no wonder that it works for many. Some of its advantages have been highlighted below.


Advantages of Outbound Lead Generation

1. You can Reach a Wider Audience

Outbound Lead Generation has the power to reach a wider audience across demographics, which means it has the potential to reach people on different continents, across the globe. It also helps generate real-time leads with AI marketing.


2. Strategic Targeting of Messages is Possible 

With the usage of social media, strategic targeting of messages via ads is quite possible. If you strategize something well, it is bound to reap good results.


3. Results are Instantaneous 

As compared to inbound lead generation, results in outbound lead generation are instantaneous.


4. Supports Inbound Lead Generation Efforts 

As an add-on, outbound lead generation actually supports the efforts a brand makes for inbound lead generation.


Outbound Lead Generation Strategies: Here’s How You Should Strategize 

Here are the top outbound lead generation strategies. As mentioned earlier, outbound strategies are employed in B2B marketing. To add up to that, these are also employed in B2C marketing. 


1. Cold Emailing 

Personalized cold emails are here for the win. Cold emailing with personalized messages is one of the best options for outbound lead generation. Leads want to be intrigued and interested before they invest. That’s exactly why good personalized emails work for brands.


2. Referrals 

Customer referrals are a great resource when it comes to outbound marketing. Word of mouth holds importance in the field of outbound lead generation even today. It does not matter if this word of mouth is in the verbal form or online written communication. What matters is the role of referrals in outbound lead generation.


3. Targeted Social Media Ads

Social media ads, on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or other platforms, are becoming increasingly popular. When brands make use of targeted social media ads to market their products or services, a specific set of people genuinely interested in it is attracted. Targeted social media ads are beneficial for outbound lead generation.

To conclude, we must understand:


Outbound Lead Generation is not just a Process, but a Business Lifestyle 

Outbound lead generation is a business lifestyle that companies should embrace in order to generate leads. It passes through so many phases, enlists the help of so many people, and eventually produces a product that is deserving of its existence. It has the potential to change the world if properly implemented and accepted. If a company does not properly train for outbound lead generation, it will most likely fail, which is not a pleasant sight to behold.

If you think outbound lead generation might be a challenge for you, feel free to get in touch with us. With Leadzen.ai, we help you bulk search high-quality leads, involving our experts in the entire process.

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