6 Easy Ways to Get All of a Company’s Email Addresses

6 Easy Ways To Get All Of A Company's Email Addresses

6 Easy Ways to Get All of a Company’s Email Addresses

6 Easy Ways To Get All Of A Company's Email Addresses

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In the twenty-first century, technology has undoubtedly transformed every industry. Almost every facet of the communication industry, in particular, has transformed. Except, one aspect has stayed dormant: email addresses.

People have been cold emailing for a long time. However, every single one of us has faced the same problem: knowing whom to contact for conducting a business transaction but not having their email addresses. You need a business email address regardless of the type of business you run, especially if you’re a small enterprise as you’re looking for a low-cost option to reach new potential clients using intelligent marketing solutions. 

Ugh. The fearful hunt.

When it comes to finding email addresses to boost their profits, many firms are grasping at straws. You might still want to communicate to your prospect or a company, but you accidentally deleted the email address. What are your plans? How will you grab the email over the internet? 

Well let’s find out 6 easy ways to locate someone’s email address:

1. Ask via contact forms.

To gather as many email ids as possible, you can send out Google forms in huge numbers where you can ask for potential company contacts. Request personal contact information by sending a simple message through the contact form. Remember to state your question’s purpose. When you say “because,” rather than “please,” people are more willing to help you.

The math is simple: the more forms you put out on public domains, the more likely you are to collect email addresses. However, there is a disadvantage: you may wind up with phoney and out-of-date email addresses. You can use Leadzen.ai to help you with this. It’s an AI-driven lead prospecting engine that can get you real-time and verified email addresses so that you don’t have to worry about bounce rates. You may also submit your B2B database to be augmented with real-time and comprehensive information.

2. On DuckDuckGo, type “@domainname.com” in the address bar.

This little-known method to find someone’s email address involves using a different search engine.

If you search for “@domainname.com” in DuckDuckGo, you’ll get results for any publicly available email accounts associated with the domain. If you wish to reach a certain person, you can use their name in the search or leave it blank.

It’s a simple approach that works with DuckDuckGo and a variety of other search engines. This method won’t work because Google utilises “@” for social networking tags, and it won’t work in Bing either.

3. Make use of Twitter.

To keep their email addresses hidden from bots, people use “dot” and “at” instead of “. and “@” in their tweets and Twitter profiles. Using Twitter Advanced Search, look for the words “at” and “dot” in your prospect’s tweets.

You’ll have the option of searching for certain terms, words to avoid, hashtags, specific accounts, and time intervals. Play with the inputs to see what you can find. To properly filter the results, try using phrases like “email,” “reach,” or “contact.”

It may seem aggressive, but you might simply ask them for their email address on Twitter. Keep your tweet brief and provide a convincing reason for them to respond to give it the highest chance of being spotted and receiving a response:

You can also reach out to them via direct messages, which your prospect is more likely to see than responses or mentions. You may need to follow each other first before you can send them a DM, depending on their privacy settings.

4. Subscribe to the Email Lists of Your Prospects

The majority of websites have an email list.

Subscribe to your prospect’s mailing list if their website or blog has one, as many newsletters are sent from a personal email account. This might be a simple and quick way to get the email address you need.

Try replying to one of the newsletters to express an opinion or ask an intelligent question, even if it’s sent from a generic info@ address, and you might get a response.

This can aid in the development of a relationship with the prospect and improve your chances of obtaining their email addresses in the future.

5. Test an educated guess.

When you think about it, nearly every email address follows the same set of rules. Frequently, they are based on very basic forms.

You might be able to guess an email address if you know your prospect’s first name, surname, and domain.

You should be able to figure out which structure someone else at the same organization uses if you already have their email address.

6. Use LinkedIn.

Using the greatest social media platform for lead prospecting is the best way to find professional emails. You can just upload a link to a LinkedIn post and Leadzen.ai’s advanced AI engine will comb through the data to provide you with the most comprehensive and verified contact information available.

Did you also know that you may export your LinkedIn connections? You might be able to get your prospect’s email address if you’re linked with them.

To export LinkedIn contacts, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown menu by clicking Me at the top of your LinkedIn site.

Step 2 – Go to the Privacy tab and scroll down to the section Getting a copy of your data (under the section How LinkedIn uses your data):

Step 3 – Select the connections checkbox and click Request archive.

You’ll receive an email containing all of your connections’ email addresses in a tidy spreadsheet in around 10 minutes.

To avoid losing your LinkedIn account, you should use this strategy carefully.


That’s how you find out someone’s email address. Always keep in mind that with great power comes great responsibility.

As a result, use these email-finding tools with caution. Don’t bother folks with spam! People’s email addresses should not be sold. Also, don’t irritate the folks you’re trying to reach out to… You’re the only one who’s passing on a fantastic opportunity to network and make (business) connections.

Make use of the most intelligent lead prospecting tool on the market, aka Leadzen.ai, to improve and simplify your email prospecting process even more. Get your hands on verified email addresses using its email address finder, or upload your B2B contact data to leadzen.ai and allow our technology to enhance it for you by removing all the obsolete and fraudulent data.

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